Gurgaon Golf Course Road

Up until now the Golf Course road was considered the prime address in Gurgaon, primarily because it was one of this widest roads within Gurgaon, central to city and mostly because of the golf course being located here. Needless to say the exclusivity that a prime area deserves in an up market area of a city never existed on this road because it was developed in fragments over a period of time. Which is why you see multiple usages right next to each other and no sense of planning on this road. Gurgaon has now undoubtedly and increasingly the most affluent and educated segment of people moving into the city, and the city has been starving for an entire area which could be the Upscale Neighbourhood of the town.

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Now the focus of the entire town is shifting to the Golf Course Extension Road which has the promise and the potential of becoming the true luxury destination of the town. Here’s a few reason why?

  • The entire area on the golf course extn. road is like a clean slate where builders and developers would bring up a township which would be planned to the last square inch. This is in contrast to the other parts of the town including the Golf Course road which is very unplanned.
  • The land in these new sectors was sold at a very high premium therefore forcing the builders to offer only luxury housing. Also, the definition of Luxury has improved drastically over the last 2-3 years because of change in the real estate scenario, improvement in construction technology etc. This is evident from the fact that super luxury features like central air conditioning, 10ft high ceilings, Italian floorings, sound proof floor to ceiling windows, 5-7 Star lavish clubhouses, air conditioned building lobbies with reception desks and visitor service etc are becoming Standard Feature of most of these Luxury Communities.
  • Huda norms in these new sectors have effectively widened the sector roads and other facilities have been improved compared to earlier sectors of Gurgaon where traffic clogging is now a regular feature because of lack of adequate planning for future traffic.
  • IREO, Pioneer, and TATA HOUSING are a few builders on this road which have come up with housing projects and every one of them boasts of features, specifications, open areas (unconstructed areas), and other luxury lifestyle choice of amenities which were unheard of even in the most prime properties of the earlier sectors. This is partially driven by the fact that now the market is slightly consumer driven and builder are offering more “bang for your buck” to attract residents.

Gurgaon Golf Course & Its Extension Road Projects

IREO Skyon

Ireo Skyon

The Future has been predicted by IREO Skyon Gurgaon and it's fantastic, Coming Soon in Sector-60 Gurgaon, loaded with insightful, hi-tech homes control solution, with 2/3/4 BHK BR options...

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IREO Victory Valley

Ireo Victory Valley

IREO Victory Valley Gurgaon a new Residential luxury project has launched by IREO, after tremendous success of The Grand Arch & Uptown...

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