Ireo Corridors : Sector 67A Gurgaon : Features



Sustainability. Aesthetics. Functionality. These are just a few of the cornerstones of the architecture at The Corridors. From construction material to design, in-depth planning has gone into the selection of the best suited option.

The climate, location and future scenarios have been taken into account while creating the world that is ensconced in The Corridors. So, whether it is your living room or the terrace, you’ll find traces of architectural innovation across The Corridors.

The entrance lobbies, facades, elevators and other public spaces are designed for comfort, safety and ease of access. Fire exits and other emergency facilities are strategically located to face any contingency.

Within your home, the living and dining spaces have been thoughtfully planned. The living room acts as the artery that connects the main entrance to the rest of the apartments and enhances privacy for your loved ones. Large kitchens with well-planned electricity and water outlets give the whole cooking process an especially pleasant favour. The bathrooms use durable stone vanity tops and fascia while having enough space for walk-in shower enclosures.

Private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms feature the best suited material in terms of flooring, fittings and comforts. Bathrooms are large and well-ventilated. Wide windows fitted with the right grade of glass mean access to natural air circulation as well as maximum heat reflection in summers.

Your home at The Corridors is, indeed, as wholesome as the entire project itself.

Landscaped Greens


The Corridors by Ireo finds the perfect balance between the demands made by convenience and the inherent human need for nature. All this over a sustainable ecosystem spread across 37.5 acres.

A series of courtyards inter-linked by crisscrossing pedestrian pathways, let you explore The Corridors. A distinctive feature is the almost 10-acre green zone that is made up of interconnected courtyards. A dedicated 2 km long fitness trail with distance markers and fitness stations combined with fully-equipped shaded children’s play areas create a work-out environment for the whole family. A relaxed walk – or a jog if you so prefer – will take you through these lush green stretches. As also the conveniently located access points to all amenities dotting the landscape. Ground floor apartments have private gardens that overlook the central greens and also have direct access to the same. Higher floor apartments, on the other hand, enjoy breath-taking views of thick foliage.

The larger external courtyards accommodate play areas, sports facilities, relaxing gardens and shaded seating areas. To build a greater bond between residents, a community festival zone has been specially designated. Wide, open greens bring in the “picnic spot” feel while enclosed lawns give you your very own space.

The Corridors – with only 20% of land usage for buildings – are designed to welcome nature’s guests from the nearby Aravalis. Its significant tree cover will indeed be a happy meeting ground for birds of different feathers.

Eco Friendly


The starting points of the planning for The Corridors are principles of sustainability and natural convenience. Its buildings have been constructed with materials which are durable and balanced enough to withstand the hot, dusty, infrequently wet environment of Haryana. Windows are crafted with glass material that does not require regular maintenance of cleaning them with precious water. Hence, it serves the dual purposes of saving cost and water.

Free energy from the sun will be harvested through the use of solar collectors for electricity generation on the roofs.

Advanced insulation technology has been used to save expensive electricity to lower the amount of energy consumed by air conditioners. Light colours during summers reflect solar rays and limit the intensity of heat. On the other hand, during winters the building is equipped to retain heat to provide a comfortable temperature.

The courtyards are strategically constructed around the buildings at a certain ground level to enhance the natural flow of warm air. The design is such that it utilises both the normal westerly breeze and the easterly monsoon current to its advantage. Most of the apartments have two open sides which provide cross-ventilation throughout the home. The rooms have adequately sized windows to provide a sense of freedom and decrease the dependency on air conditioning.