Live It Up

Live It Up

Ireo Victory Valley has two clubhouses which together make up a palatial recreational complex. The range of facilities on offer in this complex include racquet sports, billiard rooms, bridge rooms a spa and a gymnasium and dining areas as well as barbeque pit.

A unique highlight is the Action Cricket Facility, Where an exciting, fast-paced from of the game can be played within a netted area. Fast becoming a rage in South Africa and Australia, it involves participation from teams of up to 8 Players.

The Swimming pool has been designed in the style of the holiday beach resort, Complete with sand, resting lounges and sun unbrellas. Other recreational facilities include a theatre Plaza for hosting performances and a 3.2 km. long, distance-marked jogging trail extending round the periphery of the complex .

Up on Cloud 9

A Special attraction will be the 'Cloud 9' - a viewing gallery that rests atop the tallest tower and offers a panoramic outlook of the city below. Cloud 9 will also double up as a rooftop party area that can be booked by any resident of Ireo Victory Valley.

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