Signature Central Valley

Signature Central Valley

A great view in every direction from every floor.

The "Valley" is the essence of the complex. Made up of horizontal and vertical greenery, the exquisite landscaping of this Grand  valley - with charming gardens and water bodies will invite nothing less than open-mouthed awe from onlookers. Spread over a generous 7.4 acres, the valley is made up of eight thematically distinct zones, to ensure there is something to suit every mood and taste.

The Valley of the Palms and Pots

Has 100 palm trees and several decorative potted plants to foster a meditative environment.

The Theater Plaza

Is an outdoor extension of the Clubhouse and can be used for hosting exhibitions and performances.

A great view in every direction from every floor. Play Hills

Are grassy knolls that allow children to play freely without you having to worry about their well-being.

Wave Valley

Is a dense bamboo forest that's aquatically themed with a zen-like vibe and is ideal for relaxation.

The 3.2 Km Fitness Trail

Is a jogging/walking track that has distance markers at regular intervals, and foot therapy lounges along the way.

Indian Jhulas

Are evocative of swings in the ancient royal gardens. Ideal for relaxation and socializing.

Private Gardens

Connect seamlessly with the central greens in a terraced valley-like formation.

Beach Scaping

Around the central pool recreates the ambience of a holiday beach resort complete with white sand, lounges and sun umbrellas.

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