High OF Linig

The High Life

Duplex Apartments

We Don't believe in a trade - off between luxury and space. You deserve the full package, and so the higher floors all boast duplex-sized homes. The lofty heights of the ceilings allow these homes to be luxuriously spacious, while the king-sized windows not only serve to foster a feeling of openness but also offer a panoramic view of the outdoors.

3-Side - Open Apartments

Enjoy Picture-perfect views of everything around your home with these 3-side-open apartments. the natural sources of sunlight, ventilation and an expensive view offers a feeling of being outdoors from the comfort of the indoors.


At 10 feet high, our ceilings may as well be the sky, which is your limit. with the amount of space on offer in this unique mega-apartment, you may as well call it a villa.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

When you have got it all, you should be able to see it all. So,with that in mind, we made our windows floor to ceiling in height, allowing you to have an unobstructed panoramic view of the beautiful surroundings around your home.

Extra Spacious Balconies

Our Balconies are designed to be spacious extensions of your home. Sip your morning coffee or evening wine, stand and take in the view or entertain friends with charming planter boxes on all sides.

Intelligent Hot & Cold Air Conditioning

All the Homes have pre-installed air Conditioning systems that are adaptive with temperature and the seasons. This novel technology is able to minimize noise and vibration while in operation to give you a silent and efficient way to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.

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